Healthy tasty food

I’ve really tried to create a menu with simple, healthy and affordable food. Wholesome dishes and plenty of options, all freshly prepared.

We totally understand kids have certain allergies and intolerances and can generally be quite picky eaters. If there is something that isn’t on the menu that you would like or you want to add or remove any ingredients, let us know and we will try our best!

Many soft plays have menus full of unhealthy food, that isn’t fresh and is very over priced. It is really important to me that my customers have good healthy options for both themselves and their children to pick from at Busy B’s (along with a few unhealthy favourites too!).

Barista style coffee

It’s an ongoing joke when responsible of a little person that it’s nearly impossible to finish a Hot drink whilst it’s still hot!

We have created an environment at Busy B’s so that it is actually possible to finish that hot drink without being distracted and forgetting all about it, so it is super important that we offer great tasting hot drinks!

There really is nothing worse than a bad cup of coffee so I have really focused on taste testing and making sure I’m offering high end, great quality barista style coffee, a large variety of teas and popular branded refreshments!

The seductive blend inspired by the Italian passion for coffee and appetite for perfection.

Grand Milano is an Italian blend of coffee created using the finest beans, precision roasted for a sweet, rich and rounded coffee in the classic Milano style. With its sleek, timeless mon- ochrome design it will marry with any style of business and move fluidly through the times.

MILANO BAR 70% Arabica / 30% ROBUSTA

The character of this blend comes from the complexity of the handpicked beans origi- ating from Guatemala, Peru and Honduras. This intense blend is medium to dark roasted to ensure we bring out the rich winey unde- rtones and good honest coffee flavours.

EXTRA BAR 100% Arabica

A beautiful soft espresso with strong citric over tones, that is just a basket full of sharp sharp fruits with a natural sweetness to leave a very pleasant reminder.

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