About Busy Bs Café

Hi! I’m Rebecca, I live in surrey with my Husband Kevin and our crazy toddler Ivy-Rose.

So why would I create Busy B’s Café? I’ve been inspired by many things and these have all come together to give me the momentum to start this exciting adventure. My main inspiration has been my Daughter, after attending play cafés and soft plays almost weekly since Ivy could crawl, it made me realise just how vital places like these are for the community.

Looking after little ones is tough, so being able to get out of the house, actually finish a hot drink and relax whilst your kid burns off energy and has fun can make all the difference to feeling a little more human! And like many parents, socialising is as important to me as it is for Ivy… maybe more so!

So, I decided to take the jump and create a space where the children can play and have fun in a safe and exciting environment, whilst adults can relax and meet friends old and new.

I’ve seen lots of great ideas and was starting to imagine what my business might look like. Having been a support worker for a number of years I love to help people get the most of every experience. I’ve imagined what the best ever soft play café might be like and I’ve tried my best to create it for you!

Oh … and lastly, the Café bit! I’ve really tried to focus on simple, healthy and affordable food and drinks. Great tea and coffee and with good wholesome food and tasty snacks for all of my visitors; a perfect way to make the trip worthwhile.

I hope that you enjoy Busy B’s Café every bit as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it all together for you.

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Mon to Fri 9:00 – 3:00 | Sat and Sun Closed